GoDaddy Presents – The Kiss: Danica Patrick Tells All (Behind the Scenes)

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She saw Bar Refaeli’s #TheKiss first hand. Now Danica gives you the inside scoop about the making of the 2013 GoDaddy Super Bowl ads. Get your #PerfectMatch …

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Lill Rous says:

The Narrator’s Face At 1:05 LMAO!!

William Davies says:

It’s actually really good marketing.

Crusader1815 says:

Danica has a great voice and screen presence for this.

hardToSignUpHere says:

i thought i was the only one

hardToSignUpHere says:

i dont!

enVeegfx says:

“She did an amazing job, she was an incredible trooper through it all, there was ALOT of kissing scenes and she was upbeat all day”. Because no matter what you say… you too are judgmental.

CubicWebs says:

I loved it :) GoDaddy have the best adverts people who complain are just Jealous.

the3walkingdeadfans says:


Catalina Blajin says:

this is gross

Kaiserbart says:

background music (lyrics): Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go Go Daddy … :D

Magnus Jensen says:

oh shut up its fun, and smart as hell.

Dizzy Nacho says:

Mmmm…Danicas’ eyes look beautiful.

Richard Stoud says:

Danica is hotter! Not only is she sexy, she drives race cars at 200 mph!!!!!!!!

amapolishplummer says:

Must be quite good if you had to search it up on youtube?

Karinin75 says:

I am sorry but this was disgusting, any perspective you try to look at it from… just gross!!

JDVideosHD says:

haha this is really crazy.. nice video!!

katrina9669 says:

your not married now… it would of been really hot you kissing Bar…….

LilProveInn says:

The heels she is wearing make my feet hurt by just watching them. I know women like fashion, but when fashion comes about hurting yourself, its just wrong.

Mark Gurley says:

the worst…..terrible

HeavyBullet1 says:

you seem to love your bootys

Ray Snut says:

Phil go back to Godanica7 where you belong.

Ray Snut says:

It would have been MUCH better if the girls had kissed.

visualbarf says:

Go Daddy had awesome Super Bowl commercials this year… lets face it, you’ve got to be over-the-top for anyone to notice you these days. Well done Go Daddy! :D

Philip James says:

Just to show how out of touch with the real world some of you dolts are…
GoDaddy had their highest and most productive day in history the day this commercial ran… they added 10,000 new customers… so, what you think about the kissing ad doesn’t mean di*k sh*t.

Drew Hannush says:

Most companies measure how many people they gain by a commercial. I sometimes wonder if GoDaddy measures how many they lose. I always like Danica’s smiling face on the home page of GoDaddy (I visit their often…and was annoyed when another spokesperson took her place)…but I can truly say, their commercials have caused some of my customers to suggest we use someone else for their domain name. Its a shame too, because GoDaddy has great customer support and I’m happy working with them.

Eduard duPont says:

Jeez, Rick… don’t hold back… two sentences, three unwarranted accusations! Not a new record, but a fine try. Have your doctor give you a pat on the head…

sarah jolie says:

godaddy this is the worst commerical ever

robo cop says:

Rock, Your posat caused me to finally register at youtube. You are a whiney little jerk. You do not know Danica and are an intolerant fool.

oldfrothingslosh88 says:

Danica’s comments are interesting… Did you all see Jay Leno’s parody skit of this commercial? … a real hoot !

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